For Social Website Traffic: Get More Shares To Your Content

I have been using this website for 10 days, from may 9th 2016 to may 19th 2016 the day I am writing this post. is a social exchange platform that kicks butt. It seems to have a decent membership size since I have managed to accumulate around 100 shares of my content using this platform. It is great for Twitter shares, Facebook shares, Pinterest shares, and EVEN Stumbleupon shares. The time required to use this platform is minimal and can be fit into just about any person’s schedule quite easily. I am a very big fan of this service and I am getting some quality feedback. “It’s all about going viral baby” there’s my link to Viral Content Buzz.

I actually chose to link to using the anchor text viral because they are rank 15th currently on google and I suspected that wouldn’t be a bad keyword to give them to show my SEO expertise in properly referring to a website.

Let’s get started with this review.

What I Really Like About The Social Exchange Platform

What I really like about this platform is that it has some really decent people. It is quite active to have been giving me 10 shares a day when I only had 4 or 5 postings most of the time. If you aren’t big time into Stumbleupon likes just like me then there is still a good portion of options left. Tweets are sometimes from pretty decent profiles. It’s also really nice to know your content sticks around for people to find it easily. In fact the posting are categorized unlike which are not. These categories allow you to choose to share from selections of posts you want to look at so it’s really easy to find some great shares out there and share them yourself for credits. This lets you social exchange in areas of topics of interest. I really like this feature.

Available Social Networks
Besides from being fun to use and set up in a smart way there is also a set of quality guidelines so everything goes through a review. The only downside to this is that this means there is a wait time for a project to enter into the very front position for it’s categories until other posts are accepted also. For this reason I spent $50 to buy the Busy Bee Content Marketer plan. I decided just to do it for one month since it offers faster review times. I also wanted to make sure I had some extra credits so I could leave it on auto if I wasn’t sharing the most. Plus it adds a Google Plus Button to your projects. Don’t worry though it doesn’t mean this will cost you any money in fact it is entirely free and the wait time isn’t even that bad. You just share content to earn credits to spend them on your own shares. You can even get your pages moved to the front again by adding 30 credits to a project once it’s become live. This is pretty cool.

Account Credits Status Example

This is a screenshot of my Account status so you can see what 10 days of using this platform could look like. I also use another really cool platform called, Is Great For Social Referral Traffic: Get More Followers, More Likes, And More Shares. I’ve accumulated about 1600 credits of which I purchased 500 and having about 1500 credits should probably keep me pretty safe for each month until I start adding even more projects. You can do well using this platform and it is easy. The next thing to keep in mind is what kind of content you are submitting in case you have more than a lot of options. I only had a few since my website isn’t very old.

The Real Challenge Is Creating Viral Content

In fact the better your content is the better the shares you will see it getting. Sometimes this is a pretty good indicator of how well you are doing as a webmaster. It feels really good to be getting shares. Actually this is for me one of a few substitutes for organic traffic to keep myself interested while I build up my site’s authority. Some of my shares got some really good responses and some not so well. So it does matter how good your content actually is. That is if you want to get the most out of this sharing platform. Usually you might find it easiest to select some prized pages out of your collection or even test out new content on an audience.

While I am not being completely blown away by the results they are not different from what you may as well expect and you can do really well if you make really good content. It just has to actually be really good.

That isn’t really a problem though. It is a good opportunity for practise and like I said I’ve used about 400 credits in 10 days and the $50 one month package is 500 credits so this does take some involvement to be able to sustain yourself completely but it is certainly worth it to keep on bringing in healthy shares. I like it anyways. I like it quite a lot. I’m still working on perfecting my strategy and while you are at it I suggest you sign up and give it a try. See how you do.


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Final Note About My Review of for Social Referral Traffic for Your Website

Absolutely give this a try. It is well run and growing in it’s popularity. It does more than well enough from my perspective if you are using it for free and it certainly feels good to have some extra sources of traffic coming into your website for your own enjoyment and your own satisfaction while continuing to build and develop your website. This is a step in the right direction.

I strongly recommend at least trying I’m not going to stop using it. Hope you like it and I hope you try it out.

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