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This site is fairly new so I had to resort to using a smart trick to kick things off. No matter how bad this might seem to you it is at least going to get me 5000 visits to a page on my website. If you’re smart then you’ll leave here knowing you’ll send at least 5000 people to your site too, and it isn’t really going to cost you anything, AND it’s easy. More on that though later on. Naturally since I am not getting any hits yet this will be the perfect test to start things off. I’m sure it will pay off later. In fact if you’ve made it to this page, that is the proof that works wonders. The only traffic I had set up to reach this page is a result of paid traffic and actually had to visit one page before that linked to this one. If the 5000 visits go well then I am definitely purchasing at least a package of 10,000 visitors to really try it out.

Let me tell you a short story, hopefully before you start getting angry with me. This is from my experience and about what I believe. An attempt to have a chance to catch your interest before you leave and so you might come back. This is really cool!. I mean the whole post not just the story. I used to own a site that I had and ran for 3 years and it got 1.674 million organic views and 471,000 views from other sources for a whopping total of 2.145 million. It used to be really good at some smart and specific things BUT it failed at everything important. I closed it down and decided to start this new project. What it failed to do was have you holding your head in your hands for hours after wonder what unholy experience you had just gone through. Something that really pulled you into it. It was just good. Good at adsense. Good at affiliate sales. Nothing like two souls colliding. Like it were me and the user. Melding as one. Being mindful of each other. Like you knew that I meant to care and we had accepted each other. Think about that.

Massive Organic Traffic

By the way my top pages were page rank 4 and if they had a “Pages That Link To This Content” sections on those posts then those would have been a page rank 2 or 3. The supporting auxiliary pages I was going for were a page rank 3, their “Heart” pages would have been a page rank 1 or 2. Category and Tag pages were page rank 3 and there were lots of them. Those are sort of like “heart” pages themselves. I ranked first on google for my main keyword. The one I built my old site around. Which I do not want to disclose as I plan to rank for it again someday. Maybe once I’m more confident.

For the first year and a half my old site slowly began to ramp up to a healthy 3000 visits a day. For about a year after that my old site was bringing in 3000-4000 hits a day. For the next 6 months after that there was about 1500-2000 visits a day. For the last 6 months I had an embarrassing 400 lowly hits per day. I had to shut it down.

After the first year, I got really excited and started working on site optimization. Using google analytics to watch the flow, help to guide it, and bring up the user page views per visit. This is when everything really set ablaze. In a good way. It’s really true that turning what you have already into a stronger more superior result. Only by changing nothing besides the style of my writing, my calls to action implementations, and the right research to really get my targeting right.

So I’ve run a lot of tests. This is one of them. It is actually part of my website experiment series, experiment number 1.

And I know a lot about what works.

Let it be a test and let it be the proof. This is fun for me. I hope you’re getting excited.

In fact I am running another experiment that goes along perfectly with a few pages just like this one. They happen to be very easy to rank for and get more than a decent amount of searches. I have decided to attempt to supplement my reviews with a few Bullet Advertisement campaigns the one for this one is found at Bullet Ads Campaign Buying Website Traffic With and is more than exciting for so many reasons.

If this Bullet Ad campaign provides results of any measurable kind then we can conclusively suggest that how we structure and design our websites as well as the content we provide can significantly influence the search engines market place. At the very least we will very likely be able to determine a hint towards the value that Content Sets have to offer. What are Content Sets? This is a technique that uses approaches to content that involves diverse content creations and the discovery of fundamental building blocks that contribute to a pages ranking.

You are probably even a visitor that paid traffic managed to bring here since it’s a little early for any organic traffic. Also you are probably a webmaster, just like me! So there is nothing to be afraid of. I thought I’d share that before we got into the bulk of it. So let’s see how you do. Almost funny right?

I actually bought a campaign and will be posting the results.

It is just after this section.

Proof or not of if it is worth it is very exciting.

Is Buying Website Traffic Online A Good Idea?

When I decided to become a website owner I had to take into serious consideration where I could find and get traffic from. Organic is always best since you get it for free regardless, and in my opinion it’s something you should always be working on. “Social” traffic varies a lot from one webmaster to the next. One example of a really good social platform is Note that I didn’t use a hyperlink for; it is a page I don’t mean to send you off too unless you habitually just open new tabs so you can ready up interesting sites when you hear about them. If you do then you can see after. I don’t want to lose you! Stumbleupon was a godly concept and sometimes it worked so well. I don’t mean to get into that right here, “Social” is just a bunch of stuff you can market to and usually need to pay attention to it like it’s your life. Paid traffic is tricky. What’s the deal?

It’s actually very common. There is Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, really any type of advertising. Even down to targeting a singular site for a custom setting. The kinds of offers and deals out there are kind of endless especially if you can build a solid contact. An affiliate marketer found my old site and emailed me about starting his program and it worked like a charm for both of us perfectly. Two smiles on our faces. I promise… Sometimes it’s pretty hard to narrow down your choices. It can also be very hard to know who to trust. Take into account for a second that you want to feel like your money has not been wasted. The entire relationship between you and an advertiser can strongly influence how you feel about spending your money and where. Ranging from how good you expect you will be at it to how powerfully the advertiser’s platform is going to perform for you. Right now we are specifically talking about Max Visits.

Please Vote Before You Leave

If you are a webmaster, please take a moment and vote on this super exciting poll I just started. Keep in mind that any advertising that brings in more than it costs is very worthwhile. For some they might just not meet the performance requirement for the cost to be profitable. My old site wasn’t very good at, which is why I started this project.

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Feel free to bookmark this page and come back sometime in march once or a few times to see how it’s gone. This will reveal to us if our paid traffic is worth anything. By the way I would buy website traffic from a decent source just to play around with it and just to enjoy collecting poll data, not even making money, so my site can display the information to anyone I want to share it to. That would be worth my money when I think of how the traffic can still just be exciting. I mean it took me 4 months before my old site reached 5000 visits and yes I just never gave up and it worked. Remember: 2.145 million, only 3 years.

5000 visitors

Max Visits is one of those sites that gathers and targets it’s traffic, specifically from a great choice of niches and in a way that at least seems to be pretty nifty. One of the coolest things is that their traffic costs as low as $1 per 1000 visitors. It must take a pretty big amount of sustenance to accumulate the flows these kinds of sites talk about having. It sounds like the real deal just because they’re so large. I’m pretty sure I’ve even been in at least one of the situations they described on their site about where they get their traffic. It was me staring at my computer screen with a great amount of interest just basically scraping the internet like a stupid machine. I’ve just gotten so used to searching so deep within the face and body of a site; which as a webmaster I find to be very enjoyable. Making me a pretty decent website user when I think about how I would want a person to explore my site. Very intimately. My goal is to have you remember what I stand for doing this. I want to give you a real opportunity just as I so very deeply myself appreciate whenever I come across one. So these could be real people with real intent actually connecting with your thought as you share it! Anyways let me get this next part out of the way. I feel like the whole experience of reading a post should keep you on topic and following along with the gist of the story. The story leads to gold. If you’ve gotten this far, it’s worked. That’s proof enough for me.

You can reach Max Visits here at buy website traffic. I have to let you know that, that is not my referral link. While I had not planned to become an affiliate. Since I was linking to their site anyways I thought it might as well be a good idea. Actually this is not true. I decided to stop being an affiliate since my review is of them is that they are not very good. They are not even worth supporting so I am using nofollow links here to reference them. They started as dofollow links which is really important to know that I talk about for a few of these companies on the pages about them. They use a really strong principle that is worth supporting and SHOULD prove that they are a worthy brand and company. This however happened not to be the case with MaxVisits.

Before I used to use an affiliate link and I suggested that if they wanted to take away from my hard work in writing about this topic and giving them a valuable resource by not clicking my affiliate link that I would still have linked to them with a dofollow link and without my affiliate version too. I believe in believing in them that much. I would still be talking about and linking to Max Visits for buying website traffic online. IMPORTANT: don’t buy traffic from Max Visits until I reveal a surprise later in this post.


Definitely do not purchase and use this service.

Paid Traffic Campaign (Webmasters niche):

Experiment Status: Completed.

Note: Click on the images to make them larger

34000 Sent 9000 Recorded On Google Analytics.. This Is A Very Bad Ratio.

34000 sent 9000 recorded very bad ratio

9000 Recorded. This Didn’t Perform Very Well.

10000 ordered 34000 sent 9000 recorded on google analytics


0 conversions.

This one is not a real bummer besides that it is. I couldn’t expect all that much from and you don’t get really anything from them.

It was my intention this time to have a chance at converting a sale with the webmasters niche. I do not believe my sales page would convert so poorly and have thus decided that paid traffic is not worth spending money on. In any amount.


I very strongly am against using this paid traffic service.

Engagement was low on this one. Not a surprise since I am just sending them to a sales page.

No poll results on this one which was my minimum requirement for calling this traffic sufficient at all.

I can’t be sold on their company and I can’t be sold on their service. I changed my dofollow links supporting this service into nofollow links just to use as a reference.

This post is still a perfect proof and a great reference opportunity if the topic of buying cheap traffic online comes up in your content publishing efforts. Why not to use a service like this one or even this one specifically may very well be a populated audience effort to try and tap into. That happens to be why I created this post and it has actually gotten at least one google organic click. So has another one about GrowTraffic Online Paid Traffic Review.

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Why Give Buying Web Traffic To Your Website A Chance?

Normally I wouldn’t! I actually have used a similar service before and it was shit. In any case I’m not all that good at it but there are still some good reasons. First I thought the least I can do is prove it doesn’t work. Then that’s one source down only so many left to go. In fact I’ll let you in on a secret.

I’m just doing this because firstly there is a trick for how to get free website traffic with Which you can find out about by following that link.

Secondly there is a trick for how to get free website traffic with which I equally do not recommend the same as MaxVisits but you can find my experiment that I ran there to see if even their free traffic campaign is worth something to you to go after. Popular results might suggest not to even go for this deal. These reviews make for a perfect example of what not to choose when buying website traffic online… or even getting it for free.

This is a test for me and possibly that same test for you might really open your eyes to the value of paid traffic.

Remember that it’s only worth what it’s worth to you. But it might be worth a lot!

Here is an opportunity that juked me pretty hard. I thought if any place has to work then it would have to be the place I am about to mention my post about. Since no place actually admits to having traffic that converts then I had the wise idea of searching specifically for traffic marketed as traffic that converts and still fit into the cheap category. Well here it is Buying Website Traffic With they say “Buy Targetted Traffic That Converts” BUT it doesn’t. It’s still worth checking out my review so you can get a feel for the situation of buying website traffic online from various sources.

I actually read a review on Buying Website Traffic With so I decided to try them out for a review also. This time around there was no deal to get free visitors but it was a place I had heard about and was given no warning not to take the opportunity. Where finding a typical site like this would want to include also finding reviews to know whether or not you are being scammed it certainly might be worth a lot to see an honest review. I wish I had before I had tried it. 50,000 ordered paid website traffic visits which was far too large an order to make to try something out but they had gotten me so well with their pricing. In any case this is how I decided to do the review.

High Quality Traffic

Especially when you have a chance to buy high quality traffic because the way it performs actually makes sense. Buying Website Traffic With Paid Stumbles shows you one service and one of my tries at marketing my website. If you make really good content and choose your categories really well you could make a killing with this service. I haven’t been so fortunate yet. I do still have hope. And this service is pretty well qualified.

When Should You Buy Website Traffic From A Site Like Max Visits?

Do not buy website traffic from this service did not meet my review. Do not take the opportunity to get free traffic either please.

I only link to this website using nofollow links and as a reference now that I am done my experiment. This series of posts is still well worth the read.

Note that it doesn’t hurt to realize that buying traffic might not be compatible with your site. While you might not be making a wise decision if your site is full of adsense ads (and there is a good reason for this). You may find yourself to be very happy to find out that Max Visits also offers a 1 popup buy traffic option which could be perfectly great for email list building. That at least is super exciting to me and is a really cool feature.

Before I finish off the whole thing let me say that the biggest thing I wondered about was how many times I can order traffic. Won’t I maybe just keep getting the same people? What I believe they do is sort of scoop fresh traffic so it’s got to at least as good as Google AdWords just maybe not as big a network, as in Google AdWords still probably has more range. If you bought all the traffic there ever was you’re bound to get repeats. Now we are at the end. I’m gonna bet that it’s safe to order lots of times and that the traffic actually works and is real. I’m very excited.

Don’t forget to check out how to get free website traffic with That’s exactly what I’m going to be doing with my website. There you can find out more about how to start getting bought website traffic to work for you.

One Last Final Note

Before you finish reading this page I have to let you know that at the end of the next page ‘How To Get Free Website Traffic With‘ I am going to ask you to do something for me I would like you to actually do if you like my advice. I am letting you know now so you make sure to check it out.

Might be worth writing about.

Save people from bad traffic.

Get a link from me for the post.

I like the idea of supporting companies like these in this way. did not make the cut for my approval.

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