Gail Gardner, The Girl, Interview: The Word On Success And How Persistence Plays A Role

Gail Gardner is the lady who is in charge around Grow Map the website that helps webmasters and influencers strive to achieve greater success. Very much like the niche of this website here.

I Asked Gail Gardner For

One quote on your view of how your persistence plays a role in your accomplishments today.


The second for me to me, Adam Joshua Clarke, about my big future hit, big future success, up and coming website “What would you say to me if you knew I wasn’t ever going to give up building my business and to be able to become a person who can spread my message to the world. What would you say to inspire me in a way that’s just so you about it? I say passion is a real thing Gail. Passion is a real thing.” This is Adam working on the ideal conception of the need for persistence as he believes so many people will be driven to giving up. He does not see this as his future and is pushing on strongly.

Can you believe it? He actually said that all to her(she is a girl, not a Man) and a promise of his actual coverage of a full page about her based off of their exchange.

Quote On Persistence

So the first was on Gail Gardner’s persistence and the roles it played in her accomplishments today.

She said.

“Success does not come overnight. Those of us others see as influencers today built our following one person at a time. Choose your goals first, and then grow an audience interested in that specific goal. Start small, but start now – the sooner the better. The one regret many of us have is not building a list from the very beginning.”

Adam – Gave me chills already.

He was excited to do the interview “I’ve known about for a very long time.”

That’s exactly what I was thinking – even one person at a time Adam. Taking baby steps to slowly climb and grow in the right direction. Get to work so your project is on the way. This is a very common motivational mindset employed here at Adam Joshua Clarke Professional.

Adam most personally agrees with building a following one person at a time. He thinks it’s even as good to say one person extra at a time if you can only devote your time to one individual at a time.

Adam very strongly agrees with building around a specific goal and eventually many that interrelate.

Adam especially stands behind starting small but starting now. Now is always the best time to be getting something done. When our success has to be built it certainly isn’t built in a day. It is not unlikely to see our starting launch plans as being as small as 10 to 50 pages before we might even consider whether or not we actually “have” something.

Gail’s Inspiration For Adam

The second was to me to inspire me and guide me and my persistence on my journey.

“One blogger I know linked to me and sent me 700+ visitors from his blog and then linked to me from NaturalNews and sent more than 700 more. Compare this to the trickle of visitors I get when I am mentioned on Forbes or Huffington Post. That is the kind of influence that can make you a success, so strive for that.”

Adam like the thought. People will try hard to support people they want a connection with.

“His secret? A mailing list of over 200,000 people who want to read what he shares. Build your list. Nothing else is more important. Build your followings on social media – use social media to drive them to JOIN YOUR LIST. That is the secret to success.”

It turns out that according to Gail relationship marketing is a huge success. Build a list.

Collect all the leads you know how to collect and covert them to your best ability. That is the best you can hope for when pushing forwards with your business or online blog.

While Adam hasn’t fully prepared himself for building a massive list with ease and since his company is still in it’s very early stages the types of leads he can generate come from word of mouth.

“In order to get anyone to notice me I have to put myself out there” says Adam… “and that’s exactly what I was doing with Gail.”

If there were a way to build leads it at least starts with slow and steady and we would all like to hope and think it turns into – wins the race.

Gail Gardner is known for being a Blogger Outreach specialist and certainly takes her own advice of building her connections and her reputation.

Adam strives to build his list of connections but fears that the webmasters out there are hard to connect with or don’t make them selves available and where it takes us is a tough journey to impress the greats. As well as to find the underdogs that stand out to be most valuable. Those are the people we can network with.

Choosing Gail was easy because she made it easy. Her Skype username was posted on her Twitter in order to invite more business relationships. Adam particularly likes the platform since it acts as a professional medium to communicate over and this allowed for them to have themselves a great conversation.

Adam knows in his heart that the same as how Gail attracted him he can also attract many others and as he weens through the lists of contenders ‘Ad’ will eventually end up with all his long sought after friends.

This doesn’t happen overnight but it certainly can happen almost right away. Two people can know that they belong together at least as far as that working together might be a real option. This doesn’t mean you can keep that person’s attention just because you’ve got it one time.

Adam took his best opportunity to propose the acceptance of seriously considering himself for a guest post for the popular page rank 4 website Grow Map. Gail said he was very welcome.

Adam still takes this seriously as he knows each webmaster has their criteria and he very much wants for hers to be met for him. He has no fear of being capable of doing this and their fun beginning may blossom into a powerful friendship.

This might mean something for those of you who are readers out there when you see, in action, the steps you can go through to build for yourself an opportunity and “I personally didn’t want to see Gail as being a wasted resource, I couldn’t stand for it, and so AScribe was born.” She puts herself out there and we could all learn a thing or two from her.

Adam’s Additional Notes On Gail Garners Work At

Gail teaches me some of the things I really strongly support and strive to achieve perfection at.

Metrics are important to measure. Gail’s Metrics Roundup: All You Want To Know uses an incredible infographic of 29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics that I believe all webmasters should be paying attention to. In fact these are the places they should optimize. We can learn a good lesson here and expand our awareness and our goals when it comes to measuring and building our success.

Gail covers a very interesting topic to me that I believe I will build my success on eventually. Essentially do we meet the demands of our audience or do we just throw them into going in circles? Gail asks Is Impartiality in Media or Blogging Even Possible? My strong answer is yes.. And too much. Even though it holds a strong purpose. Adam doesn’t go into details.

Here I want you to learn from me. What I have to say is that depth give us the killer distinction. If you can’t offer the real answers if you can’t show someone all the same opportunities that worked for you and let them try to meet all the requirements then you seriously have doubted what that person is capable of and you haven’t given yourself to them as a resource. Notice that when you generate a lead for another person, webmaster, or website that you are providing them with the same value they got from having you as a lead. So how can you say other people shouldn’t do what you do? And why would you keep it a secret?

There is a very strong reason to keep secrets in any industry and it always pays to keep people wondering. As long as we are giving enough are we really doing our jobs? I say the best answers get the best responses and everyone can just do it they way they think it is best and we will see how it all turns out.

Now I want to start off with a powerful statement about the businesses we grow and I really think this is an important guidance for people to follow. Gail hosts a google hangout in her post Growing Your Small Business Using A Blog and although the video is quite long to watch, “The point it strives to make; stands out to me as meaningful.”

The fact that using a blog to build your small business is powerful. In fact what is common to see these days is the understanding that a blog is no longer for your daily diet and whether or not you are feeling more bloated these days.

A blog is actually you go to place for attracting and funneling your audience towards you business. In my case I happen to be a content creator and an archive maker. I am not a blogger yet everything I do, all my writing is just the same as bloggers blogging and especially similar to business blogging efforts.

It is your content that builds your audiences if it is not solely your reputation and your population driving your audience then it’s going to be natural traffic. Natural traffic is where we all want to be getting from our content creations and our only alternative here is paid advertisements when they aren’t free endorsements. This means that if what you are making doesn’t have a way to be found and advertisements cost more than they make then you need to rely on free traffic, then you need to rely on content.

While these are just a few pieces of feedback from’s content and the hard work done by Gail Gardner. We can see more easily now how her contributions target important messages we all need to teach and hints towards how great of a person she really is.


“I actually got the chills from getting a response from Gail when I tried cold calling her, It was exactly what I wanted to happen and I was making it happen in the moment. I had not realize I myself had become a reporter.

The real message here is persistence takes you from your beginning to your end. I choose Gail because she had already accumulated her own success so there was no question as to whether she would be giving us the real answers.

Where the hardest part will always seem like the beginning it always helps us to know that reaching the middle isn’t impossible. Once you make it there you are given the real task of standing out even further we even more advanced strategies to keep on developing your growth.

If we can see it done once then we can repeat the occurrence. If we were only told it were impossible we may as well think not to try. That is not the case here for us out here on the internet today. We do have a chance and the best of us will make it.

For the competition that is the world here are one of the people who made it through past the very first thresholds that mostly more than 90% of people who become webmasters never get past. That’s how we know we’ve got a winner.

Thank you Gail Gardner from for being a part of my journey and so many others. – Adam

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