Adam’s Linking Strategy

We are doing this together. These are the things I love.. ok?

1. Introduction

This is my get to know me page. See me. Look at me. Let me show you what I believe in. Stay a while. It’s kind of like me getting you to listen to a song I like or a favorite album. There’s a lot I have to offer even on this page.

C’mon, “Get to know me.”

Understand my Brand.

What I Am About:

Hey look, it’s what every person is saying, so why can’t I say it too. If I knew how I could I would choose you too. It’s the thing people are saying somehow or another, as a person and through their work, so why not give them your attention. Unless you are waiting for them to demand it. It would be the coolest if we could both just choose each other. What in the world does that mean? Open your eyes! Today’s internet world is mean. The totally high requirements for success and the impossibly hard relationships to make. Go and take all your speeches about hard work, being a refined “Author”, and being a holder of the magical secrets to success. Stop thinking that the moment makes the lifetime and think instead, the lifetime makes the moment. Think about that for a second, what does that mean to you?

When you put every part of you into a moment you get as much as it is worth to you. Your lifetime gave you the chances to learn how to make every moment count and that makes your lifetime. The collection of every moment and what you learned. After that we get something very interesting. A lifetime makes a moment and a moment makes a lifetime. In that order! If you had no moments you’d have no collection. Your moments and your every moment is everything they have accumulated to become. This changes or at least it can change for people. It get’s better.

Eventually this is you living your lifetime as a never ending “moment” that keeps building on itself. How is this moment different from the last? You keep moving in the same direction and you have the same goals. Hold on to every meaning you learn when you can call something a win. We keep everything that’s meaningful and we use it to amplify our life experience. You might find the deeper meaning in me saying that. If you do then you probably understand value.  To me this really just means that you are paying attention and mean to learn something while hopefully enjoying yourself. I just wanted to start by giving you something to put your mind into perspective.

A Single Stone

I am a philosopher.

Adam's LogoIf you don’t like my font styling try reading only the styled font and notice it still provides a killer experience. It is possible to just read only the font styled content to get a briefer version of what might be a long page, visual elements included. I explain all my font styling on this page: How And Why To Use Font Styling. So check it out before you keep reading if you think it all looks too annoying. It’s purposeful I promise. You will then be able to take in this website at it’s highest level and it should seem not only less messy but very professional. I actually show you a very interesting understanding that is likely you have not come across before. It might sell you on my brand right away. This next part is important.

Actually read the post, it explains the use of styling.

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2. Table Of Contents

I included this table of contents to make my page easier to navigate as long as you remember which sections you’ve made it to already. I recommend reading them in order. It is 11,000 words in total though.

1. Introduction

2. Table Of Contents

3. Why Me

4. What Is This Worth To You

5. My Prediction About My Big Idea

6. Who Needs Help And Why

7. Who Is The Authority And How “Press” Influences All Of Us

8. My Big Idea – Adam’s Linking Strategy

9. Proof Of Integrity – Adam’s Linking Strategy

10. My Process

11. Mentorship Contest And Rules

Don’t miss out on all the good stuff.

You may find this to be helpful to you when you return to this page and want to find your place or if you are interested in reviewing a specific section.

Adam's Prelude ConstructorThis is a very long homepageI do expect you to read it all and I have broken it down into sections in case you want to come back to finish the rest and only read some parts at a time. It is well worth it trust me. You won’t see anybody with this idea for a while.

This is why to keep reading my homepage.

It’s kind of like value proposition 2.0 and everything in the world is stuck on value proposition 1.0 like they will never want to change. The biggest hint is to think about is how can a company as big as Google who, basically can afford to support advertisers who manage their businesses in balance with their actual lives in their free time. In this situation they create employment opportunities without any downfall to their company. This is free money for the people. A good thing.

Imagine if Amazon paid you $10 for ever book review you gave AND they could afford it. Even if you could have gotten and read the book from the library OR even if you bought it somewhere else. This is the sort of thing that acts on a 2.0 level since employment can include even just any average individual. Why as a person who lives in this world today do I not have the power to earn an extra income from my own home if I put in real work? The fact is that I can and I do through my own business but I want to see other businesses doing the same thing.

Hubpages is the same sort of idea at a pretty small scale where you can earn a little extra something for putting in actual work. These are examples of how we can massively support our economies with mini opportunities. This stuff just sort of pays for all the extra stuff you wish you had in life while you can mostly only afford what is necessary.

Since this homepage is a good 11,000 words I will let you get to it. Don’t forget to bookmark this website I promise you it contains many things interesting.

And I promise even this page has some good stuff.

Bookmark my home page so you can make sure to read every section. Bookmark it anyways and see if you can find anything you like or find interesting out of my collection. If it it too long come back later and finish it. You can also use this to skip ahead sections if there something interesting you’d rather get to the meat about.

3. Why Me?

What Are My Goals Here:

  • Have this page reach a target of page rank 6 by the age of 4 years old.
  • Motivate webmasters to work for their rewards.
  • Inspire webmasters to come up with more creative ideas.
  • To build a stronger, healthier internet.
  • To encourage more website to website cooperation and coverage.
  • To help webmasters build contacts.
  • To help you get links.
  • To help you build valuable traffic from various sources: paid, social, referral, and organic.
  • To give you more real opportunities.
  • To give you better control of your success.
  • To run tests and teach you what I learn.
  • To create more and stronger engagement with your users.
  • To help you keep track of backlinking sites(for google) and backlink optimization.
  • To help keep your site healthy in the eyes of google. Let’s face it, Google is really cracking down and will continue in the future. They actually do manual reviews of each website to see if they should ban them.
  • Being link wise.
  • Being SEO and content efficient.
  • Having strong engagement while being user friendly.
  • To help create successful businesses that go on to create job opportunities, so they are contributing to the real world as a real company.
  • To help people realize how websites build in popularity over time and what it takes to make it there.

I think I’m going to do really well.

That last one is a really big deal. Some people don’t realize what is worth putting work into. Even new pages can take a while to get going and a good plan is to focus on every single one. While you might be linking pages that are already doing well to your new posts you can still run some efforts towards your promotion. Sometimes it’s good enough to think of every new page as a test you are doing and a test of even your own reputation. Sometimes this takes a lot of work. I think this involves help from other websites. More on that later.

My Achievements

Past Organic Traffic From A Previous Project

Massive Organic Traffic Organic traffic in my opinion is a very strong proof of how well you are doing as a webmaster on the internet. This is why I only included my organic visits history instead of the mixed total.

April 14th 2016

Creation date. Date first live.

April 16th 2016

Received SSL certificate. “I love that my website uses https://”.

May 9th 2016

Became an author. First live date of my first written ebook information product ‘Conquering Referral Traffic: The Definitive Guide To Link Building‘. Took two weeks to complete and was well worth the effort to be able to call myself an author. It is 47 pages of goodness at a price of only $5. It is a premium product. Meaning it is priced well below the cost. It is very meaningful to me to have created and to be able to share. I created the sales page on my own as my first time ever creating a product sales page, so I am excited to have people see it and let’s see how I do.

These are some of the things I'm proud of.

What Kind Of Results Will I Get From This Project?

Like I said I was going to give myself 4 years to reach my target of a page rank 5 Home Page. So I am going to post updates about my results every 6 months period. I don’t believe this is a ridiculous goal. I will at least be very happy to achieve a page rank 4 website home page. Consider that your in-content links from my contests and mini work projects  and the backtracks you get from my pages receiving at least decent page rank over time. What’s he talking about? It is going to be worth it.

As time moves on I will include a favorite piece of content to celebrate my progress with a link and why.

Actually I do have a favorite so far. This is part of an interlinking site structure design that promotes deeper pages. The key is not to link to all of them in a set just one out of a bundle that all link to each other. That’s one thing that Bullet Ads are perfect for.

Adam’s Favorite So Far

6. 3 Ideas That Turn Your Leads Into Conversions
Without using these 3 ideas how could you ever expect to become a monster success?
This one looks really good to me, do you think I am missing anything?

It is #6 out of 10 I am making for my Conquering Referral Traffic Bullet Ads Campaign.

October 14th 2016 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 0

Results: This section will be completed exactly on October 14th 2016.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 0

April 14th 2017 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 1

Results: This section will be completed exactly on April 14th 2017.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 0

October 14th 2017 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 2

Results: This section will be completed exactly on October 14th 2017.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 1

April 14th 2018 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 2

Results: This section will be completed exactly on April 14th 2018.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 1

October 14th 2018 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 3

Results: This section will be completed exactly on October 14th 2018.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 2

April 14th 2019 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 3

Results: This section will be completed exactly on April 14th 2019.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 2

October 14th 2019 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 4

Results: This section will be completed exactly on October 14th 2019.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 3

April 14th 2020 Result:

My prediction: Page Rank 5

Results: This section will be completed exactly on April 14th 2020.

What I would be happy with still working on this project: Page Rank 4

Does this give you any hope in my website?

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It’s all very complicated and abstract

Adam Website Success Expectation

4. What Is This Worth To You?

Keep in mind that what will grow becomes worth something. Even if it didn’t start that way. If you get listed on my in-content pages while I am a page rank 0 you will have a way better chance of seeing your link evolve. Realistically if I don’t stop trying I will make progress, it’s practically bound to happen. Your link will evolve just the same as any other fresh link might. In the amount of time we might be able to expect it to happen. Is waiting 1,2,3, or 4 years really worst than you’d expect for a new page linking to you to also turn into something valuable?

All new pages start this way and the best we can do is support our pages with our already ranking pages. Next is to get more links for yourself. The most important thing for a link prospector is to determine the work for the value gained. I’m not asking you to work hard for me I’m asking you to work smart. Working hard for me would be if my pages were never worth anything. It is at least worth the practice. It is at least worth more coverage. If you can’t do something well think of yourself as working to improve at that thing until you can at least do it well. Then you will always be good at it. And in fact I still believe it would be worth it to seriously consider my offers. You should be a monster content producer no matter who you are. A big business or just a singular person. You just want to be a content making machine. Pages over 2000 words long that users read completely are our bread and butter. These things should have become easy for us.

It’s your content that people flock to, not spending all your time learning about on-page SEO over and over again. At least when you do that it’s probably all really creative and unique. Your content should be doing what it is meant to be doing.

Right when I made you think this was going to take forever.

15 Website Essentials:

1. Is it building a relationship?
Your visitors will remember you.

2. Is it setting up content funnels so they can cover a whole idea?
Tell them what’s missing; show them everything and let them choose.

3. Is it making something easier to understand?
It takes more than one page to cover a topic completely.

4. Is it failing to cover an entire idea?
 Keep sets of content(relating pages) as complete as you can.

5. Is it telling a story with your website?
Your older pages might be structurally significant.

6. Is it telling the story in the right order?
Organizing a content breakdown makes it easier to navigate.

7. Is it trying to focus on too many stories at once?
Remove all the distractions that send someone where you didn’t mean to have them go.

8. Is it telling one story at a time?
Until they finish with one idea don’t send them off to another one.

9. Is it telling as many stories as possible?
This usually means you’ve grouped content successfully, each content set is interconnected, and your website captures how one idea leads into another.

10. Is it letting people choose which story to follow?
When your ideas are so clear a person know what they will be capable of accomplishing once you are done with them

11. Is it ranking 1st with only one page of content for your keyword(s)?
Usually supplementing content helps.

12. Is it working on pages that power up your primary content?
This requires promoting even more content.

13. Is it giving your visitors something they can do something with?
Give them something to play with.

14. Is it giving your visitors incentive to support you?
Offer value that has a uniqueness.

15. Is it giving something away that it shouldn’t?
Give something to your audience and they will love you.

It’s all worth it.

This is so you know if you can believe in me or not.

I had to put this on my website or you wouldn’t trust me.

This is my abstract representation of momentum building

What is my website worth to you?

This is an abstract representation of a building momentum for my project. This is supposed to come off as a demonstration of power and provide a positive outlook for this website. This is an artwork piece that compliments the abstract piece before. These pieces of artwork are displayed to build motivation and interest in my project. The idea here is that starting from anywhere you can build momentum and I have even done it before.

This is where it starts to get fun

5. My Prediction About My Big Idea:

I estimate that it will take 3 years before other people start trying to invent my big idea to work with their websites. Whether I mention it or not. Just because it’s not going to catch on it’s going to be the new thing. There is a difference. It is just not the new thing yet. By then(3 years) everyone will start trying to use it somehow or another. I imagine some types of websites can be tricky. I expect it will become a popular strategy in the next 5 years. This is where it has become a commonly used strategy. Whether I am the one to spread it or not. It is such a strong principle of business and business reputation. It’s not something you see a lot of. The supposition of value is unreal. Don’t judge me for making that estimate; just remember where you heard it from first.

It is kind of similar to the idea of CommentLuv, the popular dofollow commenting system. Instead it involves more editorial choices with a more professional appeal. Spam is super hard to come is one of the main goals. Effectively there is an element of guiding or teaching involved in most cases. Imagine it as a lead evolution system.

It aims at motivating discussion and conversation across websites. It may even involve structural improvements to websites in general. Which gives us the opportunity for new content of small fish(and big fish) to be prospector worthy more accessibly and possibly even sooner.

This is a nudge towards collaboration of websites as a cultural requirement to building a successful online business.

Just about every person in the same niche is pretty close to covering all the same content as the next person. Think of it as though all the conversations we see are all separated from each other and just about the same. AND on the internet.

I’m kind of a scientist, artist, and inventor.

Abstract Art Project

The Artist

Abstract Art Project Application Of My Self Branding Attempt

What I Can Expect From My Online Business:

Currently I expect that if I am able to do anything to build a greater than 0 amount of search traffic flows then I will be able to achieve anything. Google Search Console already told me my first post got one click from search traffic for the keyword maxvisits. I shouldn’t tell you I thought that would be easy before I planned to write that post. I’ll come back and add more to this later.

It’s onward and upwards from here “baby”

What You Can Expect From An Online Business:

The websites who do really well are like 5 to 10 years old, are pretty crappy half the time, and manage to sustain themselves from continued autonomous natural support from mostly organic traffic and other sources. This might even include clever a email newsletter set to kill everything that moves. That kind of thing is just a whole other side to staying alive these days if you think about it. In 5 to 10 years you might only be making $1000 a month from your website but you won’t need to worry about it that much anymore. Especially if your website is a quality website, so it doesn’t get hurt by any updates. That’s easy and we will talk about that later but not on this page. Very quickly, that’s why it’s worth it to start one and even more so what you might be able to expect from a part time hobby. My old website took 2 years before it started earning about $1000 a month on average. It was well worth the experiment. There are more details about my old website in my first post called Buying Website Traffic With

The Results are noteworthy.

it’s easy and it’s hard

trust me

It is easy and it is hard. Trust me.

6. Who Needs Help And Why?

Internet Link Design:

Choose Me

Let’s get started.

Have you ever heard about “Internet Link Design“? This is an easy concept that I’m going to tell you about and teach you about. I know, it is certainly not the end of me. Even though it might be a secret. It’s everything that let’s your website’s reputation build. From why it works by the time it’s automatic all the way to everything you can do to get support(usually backlinks) for yourself on purpose. It’s invisible and it is everywhere! I want to bring “Internet Link Design” into everyone’s perspective and give us all the power to command it. This is how we can change the world. This is how we can grow strong businesses. This concept gives us something powerful to work with and right now it feels like The Happening with Mark Wahlberg.

Nobody knows what’s going on.

If you hate that I am using movie trailers to make my point then recognize that the last video is of Google Webspam Team’s Matt Cutts where he explains the validity of the concepts my big idea relies on.

Imagine this is how every webmaster feels aboutInternet Link Design“, how little sense it really makes, and how it may as well be affecting people. What is having a reputation on the Internet like? I think it’s this way for big companies too in a way. Not just the small fries like you and me.

Pretend the narrative like I intend to use it as a metaphor to support our thought. It’s perfect. Also I love Mark Wahlberg.

Here’s the trailer:

Let’s be honest. It kind of feels that way.

Do you really know everything you need to know to be marketing yourself online? Maybe. Maybe not. Here I was going to say “don’t worry though it’s not all that dangerous.” But really it is. I mean what it comes down to can be as simple as should I keep using bold, underline, and italics so much? Maybe I am just driving you crazy and you’re just about ready to leave? Should it matter? Yes, especially if I’m giving you something incredible here. And I actually care that you stay. There’s actually a point behind all this.

The second trailer I cover is a fun one. It really helps to guide our understanding as we associate the expression portrayed in the video to evolve what we think about an idea. That comes later on though. It’s totally worth it.

Who Needs Help With What?:

What counts as make or break?

There are endlessly many things you need to be skilled at, educated, and can seamlessly approach consistently like a professional. What are the chances that even just one thing might be missing?

100% Guaranteed

It’s impossible to miss the proof. There has to be at least one opportunity, that you must be missing right now, which at a professional level it makes sense you should be aware of.

I took out the mailbox share button from my share slider at the left. Did you notice that thing? It’s got some nice buttons on it but I don’t need a broken button on the list. When you click it, it tries to open up your computer’s default email system. Which blows my mind since I use an internet browser for that stuff and I didn’t know anyone had that stuff setup. I’d expect you just to email it just the same if you meant to share it with someone. Plus if it were meant to be a button that contacted me, which would have been pretty cool, I include my email on just about every page anyways. I still expect you to be able to email me, if you wanted to. I realize that’s about two different things; it’s just the fact that I can name one thing that’s missing.

This means you can make an improvement.

But, where? And by how much?

Something I can Guarantee.

Everybody needs more support from other websites and at least a way to get it.

7. Who Is The Authority And How “Press” Influences All Of Us

Turn Contacts Into People

Contacts Aren’t Invisible:

Do you think it’s weird to see me linking to you with a dofollow link when you’ve never said a thing to me before. Never even asked me if I thought it weren’t a big deal. Well it is a big deal. Imagine you are a webmaster who owns a giant business and who watches 1000s of links coming to your website without ever having said so much as a hello. Do they deserve that?

You can actually see who links to you in a number of ways. Google Webmaster Tools keeps track of this. I know you are watching your links. It’s what makes sense to check out every once in a while as a webmaster.

Do they deserve that though?

Do they deserve so much for doing so little?

I think sometimes they might and other times it really doesn’t seem like it. Realistically you could deserve that and have it happen. It doesn’t hurt to be a thing we recognize is real. Ideally we want to think that they really do deserve it. In the real world that’s how it happens. I know because it’s happened to me. Well maybe not 1000s of links but certainly a real flow.

What if someone had their eyes on you and maybe wanted to do a little press about you or something that supports your website; would you not consider how strongly you’d want for them to be your contact? How strongly is that? and why? Is that normal?

In fact it is my belief that you want to keep any contact that might be a lead or could eventually turn into a lead.

A lead for what? Is an ideal question to ask ourselves.

When we build lists what kind of lists are we trying to build(not lists in content)? Acquiring subscribers and the such alike.

How much of your lists are also your contacts? Is a good question from my perspective.

Your Contacts = Your People

What Press Is All About And Why It’s A Big Deal:

Why are there so many strong websites out there just because they get to cover press about the big guys? This is an intermediate to advanced webmaster question. I like the answer. AND I hate that it seems like something that would never work for me. I once really wanted to start a website called to see if I could make it onto those backtrack lists. You could get a really decent page rank if they’d accept you and your brand. That’s the idea anyways.

The answer is because they get support back for having done so, and it’s worth a lot. But who wants to spend their life and online existence just covering newsworthy topics? On one hand we might have an idea that’s more fun and on the other hand we might find it hard to compete with the super elite.

“Press” Can you believe it?

Press is a really cool idea. As A webmaster I recommend checking out some of your favorite website’s press pages to see the kind of coverage they get and why. I’ve done that for many many hours. I do it to just about any website I go to that I like or find useful to find out more about them. I search for valuable opportunities for myself. Also why is press like that such a good idea all around? That might be your homework to do over the next year to see what you learn as a webmaster.

Trying to become the next top news caster might not be the thing for you. Some people now might think about the movie Nightcrawler and have a laugh. I bet it is that hard to really do well. But that’s what we’re doing working online. Whether we are good at it or we are not.

We all have to race to the scene and put in a little something extra that goes beyond the norm.

Here is the trailer, relax for a second and watch. I love Jake Gyllenhaal. Again picture me saying the narrative, the words and the felling, like it’s what I meant to say at this point in this post. It follows along with our thought. Let it lead you into the next section. (I know he did this secretly for me btw).

How To Tell Who The Authority Is:

Sort of like living at the edge of the “information evolution” we take for granted; that is all things interesting, entertaining, and necessary. This means the things we need to take into consideration are: value, quality, and, what I believe will take over the internet, incentives. How can I make sure people want to read what I’m writing? Where the “information revolution” says it only stays if it sticks. Those who have supporters keep having supporters. If no one likes your website then it won’t do very well. Even if people don’t like your website as this very well might be the case, those who still do well are those who have supporters. And really no one out there needs to claim to be the authority until the word is out that the internet is the perfect ecosystem. When the internet is a perfect ecosystem all search terms would rank the top authority at the top all the way to the bottom authority at the bottom. Then it would just be the people on top who come out on top because they have the best stuff, the best ideas, and the best way to do what people need them to do. That’s my goal. We live in a real competition if we want to be an authority.

Incentives really?

Was there anything I mentioned there worth remembering?

All at the same time it seems like there’s also no competition when we consider that nothing can actually stop you from being an authority. You might not rank like an authority. It is simply only your reputation we can perceive and we have to perceive it by measuring your results. There’s you and there’s you on the internet.

Two completely different things.

Is it art or is it a distraction?

There is a major epiphany here. It’s the Internet! Not how good you are. Not what you can do. Not how hard you try. There is just a system. I call understanding the system, the system we need to conquer the internet, understanding “Internet Link Design”. No matter how hard you try you just have to accept that there are ranking factors that effect you and that’s why you are where you are today. Don’t let that bring you down.

I know I would be rushing to the scene.

Never stop rushing to the scene.

So far we’ve got:

  • This is about Adam’s Linking Strategy and how the “Internet Link Design” concept shapes our outlook.
  • The goals I intend to accomplish with my website and my contacts.
  • Expecting an online business to become profitable with the right strategies.
  • “Internet Link Design” defines our opportunities for building our online presense.
  • “Internet Link Design” seems hard and complicated to understand(The Happening metaphor).
  • Proof that all things have room for improvement.
  • The mention of the prospect of producing a strong flow of supporting webmasters. Regardless of your niche.
  • What press is all about and why it’s a big deal.
  • Why not to be a news caster but also why you don’t need to be far off.
  • Proof authority is ranked separately in person(real life) and through internet reputation.

It’s not even how long you try for. It’s literally that what works works. When you keep on trying it does matter for how long though (In my honest opinion). Eventually doing the right things will get you the results. It’s on wards and upwards from there.

Eventually you will get results.

So how can we know who deserves to be the authority?

Why do we not only need proven skills but have the task of jumping the hurdles that are our attempts at building our reputation?

Shouldn’t having the proven skills be enough?

Actually no! There is a game we all have to play.

Why should you need a giant team and access to an already successful online entity just to be able to say “where I go from here I know I’ll find the result I’m trying for”? Why can’t I say that anyways? Just think of what you want to do next. You have the power.

I say the tiniest victory speaks the loudest. Not giving up pushes you to pure success.

I’ve done it before.

8. My Big Idea

Let me stop for a minute and tell you about something I call “Internet Link Design“. This is the feature of the internet that lets us be engaged in connectivity and cooperation between sites. Literally the relationship between one webspace to another without considering any meaning, substance, or relevancy. Those things are all separate and that’s what google measures and controls and updates. The basic structure can not fail. It is based on backlinks from one place to another. All we have to worry about is making what we want and actually making it as good as it can be.

When a website finds itself getting links they are often taken for granted and we rarely see this gesture through. I know when I used to see them I’d just smile and also laugh having fun. “Look, at how someone mentioned me” and gave me a killer link! “Sweet“! Half the time I couldn’t even if I wanted to find a way I could mention their works because they weren’t even good enough. Only because of a few minor things. My work just had no need or space to make these mentions. If you stopped in the middle of the content the whole flow would have been disrupted. The cool thing is that it’s easier for me to make it work now. These people aren’t pros but they’re useful, so maybe I couldn’t find a way to include them in the content of my site. So many people are just off by a nudge. I could have made this worth more to them as they tried to do for me. I’ll remember that. I’ll get right to explaining this one simple concept that revolutionizes your online presence.

Reward your supporters like Press does.

It’s almost like a spin-off of the CommentLuv idea. In someway or another. Which I once loved. It also offered backtracks.

My big idea

Right after I get to this now following, next thing. We are all connected

Adam’s Linking Strategy

Adam Joshua Clarke's Linking Strategy

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Note: Quotes need to be added in the appropriate places and this is a beyond easy for you to do.

Thank you for your consideration and doing this extra work for me.

I would do this extra work for you also.

This code creates a link to this page and inserts the picture.

Like I am doing on this page. 🙂

My whole website uses Adam’s Linking Strategy

Essentially the idea is that on every page you can; make sure to include your calls to action to support and involve your website webpages(or content). When someone links to you with their content; make sure using the “heart page” for your specific content to recognize your supporters by linking back to the webmasters who contacted you, got in touch, and landed base with you comfortably. While there are lots of creative ways you could come up with for how you want to link to a person, a certain ping-back might be a perfect version of our standard procedure of Adam’s Linking Strategy for short (I’m Adam). This gives them the chance to build a link that will grow in it’s strength over the years. There are more opportunities than just that. Even if you don’t want to adopt my linking strategy completely, you could just try it on one or a few pages. Maybe you might have some thoughts as to how this can be useful to you. Then you might think of me. I don’t even want to say what I think should happen next.

Trying it on a couple pages isn’t hard.

A whole site can be messy.

In fact I think this is the perfect incentive for a person who’s work flow isn’t hurt by linking to other people.

There are a lot of ways to do this and it is very easy.

Here’s the most important thing. You are only contributing one linking page for my link back to you and also the added power of each other person’s links to me. Contributing more back to you than you give to me. This is with the assumption that on average the average link power you give me might be just as likely to be what someone else has to offer too. I mean look at the green arrows in the diagram in the picture above. Realistically my site should eventually perform well meaning that just my link back should be worth it to the average webmaster. That’s the goal anyways. Just like those big shot press pages.

Thank you.

There is no reason you made it this far down the page.

9. Proof Of Integrity:

Let me “toot my own horn” as Matt Cutts explains in the video.

I would love more than anything that Matt Cutts were to give a video breakdown review of how Adam’s Linking Strategy may or may not be a prosperous concept. I could put it on my website and see if we can get way over the usual 15,000-50000 views they get. I hope that’s not offensive. In fact in the video just below he talks about reciprocal linking from press pages and whether or not that’s a bad idea. It sounds like it’s mostly a good thing. He makes a good point about choosing preferred references which is what instead I try to do by offering in-content link love to those who can get it. I think his point about linking to too many places might not be user friendly isn’t hurt. The fact that I include my reviews with each backtrack. Also included, if I have research on this fact, will be how easy it is to turn this person into a lead. People want to be turned into leads since that means they are getting a lead or they just have a way to ignore you. This might be so meaningful to another webmaster once they see those people are from websites that do link to those who get their attention. I.e. That’s a backtrack specifically to a webmaster who might have a way to contact them to get a similar type of opportunity. Though that doesn’t mean these people are easy to work with. So I created my Webmasters You Can Work With page.

Sort of like how CommentLuv enabled sites are worth searching for to try and get dofollow backlinks. However this may count as comment spam so I can’t say if I think it should be avoided. I actually used to use CommentLuv on my old website for a time but I didn’t like the submissions I was getting. Pages that link to Adam must be from places where webmasters get involved enough to appear to us as a living entity for us to suckle on. Someday I hope it will be sites that use Adam’s Linking Strategy that people will be looking for when trying to find awesome opportunities.

He says to highlight the places you were proud of. Well I intend to be accepting to link back to specifically the pieces I am proud of. I am proud of that I get to include my expertise in the process. While some approvals may be of a lesser quality than I might actually desire I do expect them to improve their content based on my feedback so I can improve my comment. I think this is the perfect chance to give people stronger content where usually they might not be getting feedback they might respond to.

In fact people can just choose to link to me without contacting me. Though I might eventually notice the backlink from webmaster tools and try to get into contact with the webmaster just in case they weren’t aware of the opportunity to receive some link love from my heart pages.

Matt Cutts inspires me to create videos of my own. What a handsome fellow. What he has to say is so important that you even have no problem scrolling back to catch a point you might have missed. That how easy this must be if you have vital content. Maybe someday I will include videos of myself playing the drums or even debuting songs I’ll write and sing playing the piano. I’ve got some interesting ideas for content that makes sense out of that. I haven’t decided for sure yet though.

I cannot stop thinking about how cool it would be to be able to write songs while playing on the piano.

I want to make that into content.

10. My Process

I like to follow up with webmasters when they do support me. As well as those who find ways we can work for each other. Remember when you link to me I give you a link back. That’s how I do it. When I link to you what would I get? When I become familiar with you I feel more likely to want to become familiar with your website and you. The easier it is for me to find out what you are trying to show me and the more I like it. The more likely I will be to include references to you supporting your content. Which I’m probably not going to do if it’s impossible to contact you. Sometimes it is also hard to do if there is no incentive. If you’ve done work that relates to me then I don’t see why not to research you to do work that relates to you. It could take you writing 1 content piece referencing my website or it could take 5. I’d probably force myself to find a way if you did do 5. If your content isn’t suitable to me I will happily find examples of what just doesn’t do it for me. I will happily let you know what I think is missing if something is close in case you’d consider updating it. In an ideal world I would feel smart for getting recognized for my work and building the approval of a real person who is basically doing a job. Working online as a webmaster for real!

A lot of this sprouted from the thought that sites that get heavy big hitting press give a lot of power in their links back to support the press authority. It is just modified to call “press” just about anything you want to count as support. We just intend for people to be supporting our specific pages and all the way up to in a specific way. We offer value as our proposition, and lots of it.

The real payoff is more control over how people are linking to you. By giving them options as a webmaster you might be creating a real and super competitive opportunity to have. These are some vital points.

If I got press from the news I would certainly do my best to have them not feel ignored. I mean if we at least leave off on good terms it doesn’t mean there could never be a reason for us to get in contact with each other again. In any case that’s what I expect being decent gets you unless specifically it’s mentioned that the correspondence is done. Is it possible there could be more to say than just confirming their press and possibly linking back to them. A simple “may we stay in contact to make sure there are no changes to my site concerning your content and your linking to them”. Maybe when I’m lucky enough to have a strong list of contacts I can say this one. Do you want to know where to get more stories? Easy! Or maybe it wouldn’t be the craziest thing in the world to stay in contact for the next 6 months anyways. Maybe just in case they want to do a follow up on your exciting developments as you continue to grow and run your business. I guess as long as you could find another way to be newsworthy. Keep the contact is good advice. Why?

In fact why not do that everywhere it matters, everywhere it counts, and every chance you get; where you find it is a comfortable and positive connection. Slow everything down to the moment and find it lasts a lifetime.

Don't Be One Of These

What To Do Next:

Why not now capitalize on it and make sure you aren’t making the biggest mistake of your life. Imagine how much escapes our attention that could truly revitalize ourselves. How about seeing a huge improvement to your website. In fact it’s so easy to miss something small and just as important as everything else really; after writing and editing this stupidly long page I forgot to include subheadings! Usually it’s as good as something small and simple. Like a wife might turn into something big. Pay attention to her and just adjust in one small tiny way and call it an improvement. If you care you will think it’s worth it in the long run. If you’d do that for a marriage then why wouldn’t you do that for yourself online too? Start paying more attention. Business meets life. Take this next moment to commit to yourself and your online dreams; make that moment last for a lifetime. Or don’t if you can’t manage something like that. That’s what I did 6 years ago and I’ve never given up on my dream. This is my second try after never having had the thought leave my mind. I decide it’s time for me to become an online success.

Put yourself into your website. Start offering something personal. Make it personal by putting yourself into your website and have it be obvious. It’s worth it.

Now for something that I didn’t mention just so only the people who read this far can have a chance to take advantage of it. If you have gotten this far it’s worth it to read on. And it’s worth it for you to link to this page either from a page you get a lot of traffic to with people who might also be interested in reading this. Or a new content piece you would like to create.

I call them content pieces because I otherwise prefer to refer to content as pages. Which might usually be referred to as posts. Which I don’t believe offer the inherent tradition of being almighty and delivering an authoritative piece.

If you’ve made it this far I can admit to you that about only 50 pages of content earned me $10,000 from my old site in only 3 years. Think about what I am about to offer you next.

If you’ve made it this far bookmark this page now.

Make sure to read all the way to the end.

You can skip the rules.

11. For The First 25 People To Complete The Rules For This Contest

Get your site listed with a dofollow link and anchor text of your choice. Also included is my official certification of that you helped me gain value as a webmaster. You will have built a public or private(your choice) portfolio that we can find a way to customize for your best interests. My official certification that you are in fact a writer and a “post junkie”(A person who has no problem creating content). And an agreed upon shout out, a little about your site, and how my experience was working with you as a webmaster from my very own home page. FOREVER.

This works you up to being accepted onto my page of webmasters you can work with. With each level you gain preferential ordering on this list and on the webmasters page and on all pages with backtracks. The expectations rise as you enter into each new certification level and apply to your past work. I will do my best to provide essentially a permanent public or private portfolio of your work to use as a professional reference.


Requirement: 25 content pieces participation depth. Must reach Platinum certification first.

Reward: After you make it here I will teach you how to hold this program for your own website and contacts as well as include what I learned and we can share that with each other. (Optional)

Reward: Receive guidance from me giving you the details of our next assignment.

Polishing Off Your Portfolio


Requirement: 20 content pieces participation depth. Must reach Gold certification first.

Reward: Receive instructions from me giving you the details of our next assignment.

Bullet Ads and Revamp


Requirement: 15 content pieces participation depth. Must reach Silver certification first.

Reward: Receive my ebook ‘Conquering Referral Traffic: The Definitive Guide To Link Building‘ for free, or receive a $5 credit to your affiliate balance.

Note: This is barely an incentive giving that it costs only $5. If you reached this point I might have to go out of my way to explain it to you anyways in my free mentorship program.

Reward: Receive a video Skype call from me giving you the details of our next assignment.

Content Boost


Requirement: 10 content pieces participation depth. Must reach Bronze certification first.

Reward: Receive email communication with me giving you the details of our next assignment.

Content Sets


Requirement: 5 content pieces participation depth & being accepted forWebmasters You Can Work With” page.

Reward: dofollow hyperlink and your listing under the Bronze section.

Here is your first assignment, this is me giving you the details.



Using the resources that are available to you plan out all the essential components of each content piece. Choose a ‘Working Title‘ and write a list of ideas for subheadings for the sections of your content. Don’t forget that I am available to give quotes for your questions to add flow to your content. Don’t forget to include your own participation in your exciting post; give your opinion, ask your audience for a response, give a little bit of ‘how about it for me’ into your content presentation. Remember we are trying to improve ourselves by attempting this challenge. I myself am grinding the wheel to create as vast as an amount of content as I am able to for my website. So should you.

(Optional): Include one to two images at relevant points in your content. Include at least one poll to start gathering data to make your page unique.
Bite The Bullet

What To Do Right Now


How The Images On My Homepage Promote My Website: A Guide To Feelings And Intuition Surrounding The Perception Of Authority Of My Website

Before you read on

So I can admit to you, before we continue, two attempts to manipulate your beliefs about this very website.

‘We Will Be On Better Terms Then’


Requirement: You must submit to me through contact your interest in participating.

Actual proof that you are a content mastermind.

You are going to earn yourself a reputation.

You will actually be having fun.

In The Running So Far:

I will maintain a list of entrants who are in the running for their bronze certification. I am saving spaces for anyone who gets in contact with me about this specifically. They have to of shown their interest in Adam’s Mentorship Program. All contributions before submitting your notice of interest to participate in this program are counted if you enter after making them. Each entry listing will include your name and website address without a hyperlink until you complete the bronze requirements. Ladder improvements are permanent and levels may or may not be added for purposes I cannot yet disclose. Also the information sections for each class may be adjusted. The requirements will not be reduced. These would generally qualify as improvements.

How Hard Will This Be?

This program is very forgiving and very strict. I imagine me saying: “If you don’t add subheadings then I seriously can’t accept that post. Let me know why you would prefer your post without subheadings and I will give you my analysis of our best approach after that to see if that’s something we can work with”. Not needing it a certain way but having at least a standard. I will not be holding back with you and pending my decision I will offer “free” skype video sessions only when I can manage to schedule them. I will have infinite patience with you. I don’t think this should cost you anything where it is normal to charge a significant price for this. I say “free” because we might just be communicating. But I actually mean free because your results directly influence me. If I have the power to get you anything I would want for my website then that is how it shall be. This is me and you having each other as contacts. OK?

What you get from this program you keep forever.

What This Means To Me Now:

That being said this is very personal to me. I am putting myself out there and I’m giving back. This list will be so meaningful to me and the better the program is doing the more noteworthy this page may be. The better my business is doing the more I’ll have to offer. This being said as an entrepreneur this is what I hope will lead me to running an organization of Adam Joshua Clarke Professional Professionals meaning I’ll have a team of people who I pay to employ to carry on spreading my principles and my ideas. This program does not mean you will get to work for me this is my way of practicing everything I think I need to reach the next level while I’m spending my time bringing you to yours. This is our commitment to becoming timeless powerhouses for both of us. Let our beginnings make our ends.

Are you trying to do something you can be proud of?

Will you make it to the top or just go for the 5/5 dofollow link forever completion. This should be easy, fun, and rewarding.

What The Listings Look Like:

This information contains the current entrant details fields so far and are required for participation.
Representing Name:
1. Your name, or
2. Your business’s name, or
3. Any chosen name that reflects a fun way you want to be represented(a team name if you have a team),
4. A grouping of many individuals listed as connected through an oracle working on separate websites in order to support the oracle web presence through an additional singular reference extra in applicable scenarios as well as supporting each individual’s entity. That’s long to read but this is a super incredible offer. More details available if you contact me and ask. Mentoring may not seem like it is required; this is to show and prove that you are an authority and to add to your authority status.

Website Address:
displayed but not hyperlinked until you receive bronze certification.

#/5, (6 to 10)/10, (11 to 15)/15, and so on

Certification Level:
None, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Professional.

Shout Out Contents:
You can share with me main details you would like to highlight for me to take into consideration.

Twitter Page:
Linked with a nofollow link.

Facebook Page(nofollow):
Linked with a nofollow link.

Let me know the details you want to be included so I know it is going to be perfect.

If You Drop Out Of The Program:

If you do not complete the program minimum certification requirements and you submit that you are giving up; your listing will be removed and you will be removed as an entrant.

You will be counted as giving up if I am no longer satisfied with you as a contact. This usually means that you just don’t mean to be trying anymore. If you tell me you are still trying and it’s been 8 months since your last contribution then I will dictate whether or not you are still sufficient to me.

What Are We Doing Here:

You are basically entering into a mentorship program for free to practice content creation and to motivate you to build and develop your website. You will be developing yourself through practice and feedback. I will be developing myself through practice and feedback. Your certification level and portfolio are your proofs and can be used as a reference of your work. I will attest to the fact that you met the guidelines and if required of me I will act as your reference also. Possibly to be called or emailed or skyped with by an employer or other type of interest.

It is likely I will increase the maximum entrees allowed to be a total of 100 in order to keep a clean and sexy outbound link limit. Starting at 25 so I can test the limits of my capacity, naturally as a content production “trainee” as you reach higher levels of certification you will be held to a higher standard as you improvement through the program. What you learn from dynamically adapting your content to feedback and by going through the process of applying fresh lessons to your content pieces completed in the past.

Would it kill you to use my share buttons at this point?

This page is about 9500 words long there is no reason you should have read this far.

Popularity Digression:

If the program progresses so severely at some state to a point of extreme popularity I will forget about the outbound link limit and focus on proven credibility. Where this is either a limited collection as a requirement or a vast collection as a display by my enterprise. This maximum would then become somewhere between 500 and 1000 (this is the limit) unless it needs to be smaller for credibility.

In fact I have so little content right now that most of those certifications would require you choosing single pages to link to multiple times. Since you are allowed to take a much time as it takes from start to each “end” point (certification level) it might just be a good idea to get started. There are clear goals and no tricks; start one page, finish one page, start the next. Accept that your content can change and improve. We may be likely to revamp past works as we learn more at the higher levels. Surely I will have more and more content to cover so you will have more to diverge on in the not so distant future. There are at least 2 good pages to cover. If you get creative you might find ways to cover content I haven’t even “finished” yet.

As for the popularity of your accomplishments so far may really be up to you and possibly even up to me so I may exercise bragging rights through whatever mediums are available to me.

No matter who I was I’d want to participate. I would give feedback about the program and suggest improvements. I would do my best to cater to all the requirements that make this a real certification (maybe there are legal actions that need to be taken by me eventually).

I personally would like to be able to publicize the program and the results of the program.

I personally would like to build a reputation for my program and in the future continue to run it from other ” contest hosting pages” for a new generation and a new list so I may do this again.

How much authority does it take for this to be popular?

I’m taking this seriously.

The Rules For This Competition

  1. Create a total of 5 different pages of content that relates to my content and dofollow links to them.
  2. Collect your five “heart page” backlinks successfully.
  3. When you decide to start this process you won’t fail to complete it because it’s easy.
  4. You must read and follow all the rules. This order actually made sense to me.
  5. I may list up to 100 websites over however long that takes if the list can actually make it past 25.
  6. You can take as long as you want and once you’ve started I will make a note that you are in the running.
  7. Everyone who is in the running has a spot reserved for them.
  8. The real idea here is that you run a successful website(or “internet business”) that the eventually popular and powerful influence Adam Joshua Clarke smiled upon. I really think I will reach at least page rank 4 for you doing what I do. Current status? Unheard of.
  9. There’s a reason I am not font styling this list. I love font styling.
  10. Don’t be afraid to dive into my content. You’re basically researching my website.
  11. See how the content and traffic flow that you already have might relate strongly to pages you might want to include that you would have written anyways that can count towards your 5.
  12. Also note that those 2 imdb links are nofollow. Youtube videos had to be dofollow links, I didn’t mind, but they made me do it. In fact I want to increase the number of youtube views those videos get. I did want to control links on page for the people who participate in this free program.
  13. If you can tell me in an email why it makes me happy that doesn’t use Adam’s Linking Strategy yet I will write one content piece for you regardless of whether or not you link back to me. And which it didn’t at the conception of this site. BUT they did come up with post called “Action Content: Turn Fans Into Customers”… please read it. “Oh god how would you even find it on their site…” is what I say to you. Just search the title in google. Don’t worry, they rank first for it. There is a reason I don’t link to them in this specific section.
  14. Write a page about Adam’s Linking Strategy with a dofollow link text I’d obviously prefer.
  15. Read the “Webmasters You Can Work With” page (farthest right in the navigation menu).
  16. Get inspired. Write a post about my post called “I Need Your Opinion” vote on all my polls.
  17. Brainstorm a topic we can both cover with a discussion from our decided perspectives where we both link to each other and ask people to compare on an aspect we both choose to focus on. Like who’s page is going to fill up their positions first? Where we hold a contest to give away 10 link spaces to the first 10 people who contact us and go through the process of making content pieces that link to both our pages. Or just the one they support?
  18. If you feel your brain flexing consider on your own an easier collaboration we could come up with that gets me to write a piece of content related to one of your pages. Through email
  19. I might come up with more rules.
  20. My website should probably be a page rank 1 or 2 by a year from now so it’s only kind of a big deal. I might do better though. We’ll see.
  21. See if out of the 5 content pieces you set out to write if any of them could be a page you were planning on writing anyways that might have something to do with any of my content already. If I don’t have a page that’s related consider talking me into covering a topic. Work with me for it to meet your standard for you to link to me. Being able to give me guidelines makes it easier for me to meet your needs instead of focusing on mine. This might make the whole process way easier.
  22. Don’t think this all happens overnight. I maybe spend a whole lot of time just to finish one page. And if other people do it too then it might take me weeks to balance it all. And I have a life.
  23. I’m trying to establish myself as a professional and I will go out and work this hard to get backlinks from the world and build enough traffic sources and eventually webmasters will do this.
  24. You will be added to the “Webmasters You Can Work With” page.
  25. We can continue to work together in the future after you have become a certified graduating member of my real working webmasters monster list people will eventually see.
  26. This is my mini mentorship program that’s good for you and me. It’s like me asking you to draw me five drawings… in crayon. That’s not bad practice either.
  27. Be someone extraordinary. Someone who is so successful already it’s crazy to think they’d even give the time to do something like this. They could hold it against the world and say that THEY made it to the list. Or even beat someone else. If someone gave me this opportunity and I knew where they were coming from I would like it. I wrote on a page of content why I believed in a particular company. Tell me why you think some other possible companies out there. Who do the same thing basically. Are not using that strategy. Maybe that’s the only obvious difference.
  28. Get me to debut on your website one of the few “animal” pictures that no one has gotten yet. This isn’t a mandatory requirement. I don’t think that many people can do that. I only have a few costumes.
  29. If I don’t have enough content convince me to write more so you can write more. I will even update you with the date I expect to finish what by.
  30. If you have a team of people and can finish this in one afternoon. Impress me. And then impress me some more.
  31. Don’t think this isn’t a hot lead to share.
  32. Be so bold as to participate in my “One Dream Meme” that’s a really good one.

Tell me what you think about my idea.

Write coverage about my homepage.

Do you think my big idea will be popular?

Use the anchor text “Adam’s Linking Strategy” please.

I expect that eventually people will know about it.

I want people to search for it that way.

Link To This Post Using:

<a href=>Adam’s Linking Strategy</a>

Note: Quotes need to be added in the appropriate places and this is a beyond easy for you to do.

Thank you for your consideration and doing this extra work for me.

I would do this extra work for you also.

This code creates a link to this page.

Written by Adam Joshua Clarke

Adam Joshua Clarke Professional

Adam is a professional webmaster and entrepreneur who writes with an enthusiasm for helping others so they can find success with their websites just like him.

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Before You Link To This Page:

Email me at first and start off a conversation. By the way you can call me Adam. As you're being nice enough to introduce yourself. Don't forget to include your website in the email. so I know where you are coming from and I can start learning more about it. Let me know what you're planning to do and get me in on it ahead of time. Show me a page you've made that links to mine (dofollow link) then I will add a link to your post and write a short review of what I think along with it. Let me proofread your work and follow up with my feedback on your style and coverage. This process can take 7 days, it can take 4 weeks, or even however long you would like, or it could even last forever. I imagine we might have found more ways we can be of value to each other in our future. I think that must be worth something. There's no rush and as long as I don't get overwhelmed I will get to it eventually. I promise. And especially I think it's professional to keep track of who links to you now that google has gone insane. The Goal is to end up with quality we both agree on for how we propose we interact with each other. I'm sure I might even have questions I'd like to ask you. I think this is professional and I strongly stand behind it as a recommendation if you find yourself interested.

I don't bite.

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  • I might find your work interesting and want to link to you from my content or new pages in the future.
  • I will be able to work with you before, during and after you've started working and have finished the post.
  • Imagine what the amount of value a webmaster misses out on by not having an emailing list; if it took me a month to teach you how to use it for the rest of forever would you think it's worth it. I mean hypothetically at least. This is one example of an almost instant improvement for you if you started right away and got yourself covered for what you want to schedule to share. If I gave you a golden tip that allowed you to accept you were missing something you'd later think that you NEEDED. That's the kind of conversation we can have... So it also doesn't have to be boring.
  • If you make it this far I smile just so you know. Because... I... Think... You're Interested! Being a webmaster should be fun. Let's make a connection online.
  • I'll be in touch, or I won't even message you for a year! Whatever right? That might still mean you will be on my mind. That's how important I think a website's attention to detail should be. Take everything into account... Don't miss any opportunity. That's me.
While I'm just one person and I know you are too we are both sitting behind computer screens thinking what is best for my business and how can I continue my pursuit. My thought is... I want to make it better. Who cares if all that takes is practice. It is simply a fact that collaborating with other webmasters is one of the most powerful ranking and traffic driving strategies. Build links that focus on your strongest keyword results and keyword targets to optimize your organic traffic profile. Build links that give you killer referral traffic while building strong leads. Build your success to the level you want to achieve and get the results that you deserve. I mean someone is actually hosting the content that points to you and that person has a mind, opinions, and control. If they didn't do it then no one will.

If you know a better solution then let me know. I'm not going to try anything that could be cheating.

Just do this one thing for me. Pretty please!
Come up with a related content idea or review on the same topic where you can link to my content
Is it that hard of a thing to do, to come up with content that can do that?
I think those who do well take for granted the support they achieve since it truly takes a real beginning just to get to the beginning you'd be hoping for. How do you get your site to start lifting off the ground?

I only half hold it against you that your website might be doing well already as it is and you've never had to have so much as a single contact. I just don't believe in not recognizing your supporters for choosing something they believe in... when it happens to be you. (not just your website)